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Serina helps a customer at Something Sweet by Serina
Serina is the owner and baker at Something Sweet by Serina, located in beautiful Downtown Riverside, California. Each cookie, cupcake, and cake pop creation is personally developed by Serina herself, with one of a kind recipes and fresh, quality ingredients. To ensure splendid taste, every sweet treat is made and baked in small batches. Most days you will see 
Serina in the back baking or frosting cupcakes, if not chatting with the customers as they try to decide on what flavor they should get. 

Serina, as well as her family, is a native Riverside resident. They not only call Riverside home, but they are also two generations of small business owners in the Downtown Riverside area. She takes pride in being able to contribute to the growing small business community in Riverside, and help support other local businesses in the area. You will often see her shopping at local businesses for products, grabbing produce from the local farmer’s market, or assisting another business owners with promoting their products or services. 

From a young age, Serina enjoyed making people happy, and as she got older she found that there was no better way than with her homemade, sweet treats. She would always jump at the opportunity to share her baked goods whenever an opportunity arrived. Soon people were requesting her cookies and cupcakes by the dozens and asking if they could order for special events and parties. People knew a good thing when they tasted it! By popular demand, Serina began entertaining the idea of opening up her own sweet shop, and soon the opportunity presented itself with a vacancy in a desired part of the Downtown Riverside area, next to her parent’s sandwich shop. Something Sweet by Serina officially opened their doors in February 2013, and have been making people’s taste buds sing with delight ever since. 

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